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All the information of this wikipedia is taken from The Official Dreamland Online Forum. This wiki is for the support of the First Fansite of Dreamland Online. Both wiki and fansite created by 'Puchisana'

Dear Users of DO Wiki:

As you know I make the most I can to keep this Wiki Updated and With the most information possible. So in case you want to help me, this is how to:

1) Add 2) Wait for me to accept you, and that I am logged on and say: "Hi. I am _____, and I want to help you on the Wiki" 3) I will make you some questions, and If I considder you can help, I will tell you

Currently: RECRUITING.

Wiki List


Thank you all!

Guide of the helper

How to make a page: Ask 'puchisana' by email or msn the pages you want, if he want to do it he will tell u the link to edit.

Adding files: Go to upload files. Remember to name the files like this: Name of page+Number of section+Number of screen

For example:

Monster album>Section 2 (Monster album 2), Screen 2: Monsteralbum22

Try to save your pics on .JPG or .GIF using a program to change extension or paint

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