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[edit] Medal Design Contest

Dear players,

Have you ever dream of putting your own medal in a forum? Wouldn't you be honor to let others use you medal, for the contribution they have given to DO forum. Admin/mod will also use your medal. We are giving you opportunities to do so, and along with it, some great prizes are up for grabs.

Design forum medal
- Create medal - would be given to players in future depending on their contribution.

March 10th to April 10th

-with each medal design, describe how should the medal be awarded rule / criteria. What does your medal symbolise?

-medal should be made in jpg file or in gif format or in both format.
-use photo editing tool, your imagination, drawing etc for the entries.
1) Animated version 20 x 35 pixel, Size: Below 30k byte
2) Original file(none animated) approx 100 x 100, Size below 200k byte.
-multiple entries are allow, but all entry must be submitted in the same post( just reply directly to this thread)
-no plagarism, DO NOT google and paste the images as your entry.
-all entries become property of IGG.

Eg.Taken from TOP
Contribution medal


Favor(1 to 20) or Karma(1 to 10) for all entries, depending on the quality and description.

To enter :
Post the works in the Event Zone of Dreamland Online, and choose ‘medal’ as a tag.

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