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[edit] Quest Design Contest

Dreamland Online, as the name implies, is a game full of dreams. More importantly, we don't tell you what to dream, we offer you the opportunity to make your own dreams come true. We will be holding a quest design contest so you can fully show off your unique imagination and storytelling ability. We will use your imagination to create our new quest systems.

Event Duration
December 19th to February 1st

Design Rules
1.The quest name and content should be related to the game background and style.
2.Complete quest flows are required for us to consider using it.
Note: Quests related to special or interesting cultures are preferred.

Event Rewards
1. All participants will obtain 10 karma.
2. If quest ideas meet 60% to 80% of the requirements, the authors will obtain 20 to 40 karma
3. If the quest ideas meet 90% of the requirements, the authors will obtain $30 Amazon cards.
4. If the quest ideas are used in the game, the authors' names will be attached to them.

Event Rules
1. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Players who can offer us evidences to prove a player cheated will obtain 20 favor.
2. Post the works in the Event Zone of Dreamland Online, and choose ‘Quest’ as a tag.
3. Players can post as many ideas as they want, but only 1 in each thread.
4. IGG reserves all the rights to ownership of winners' works and final interpretation of them.
5. Good quest ideas will become a part of the quest system.

Officials will choose some good ideas according to the content and their click rates and replies.

Once the works are used by us, the authors will be announced.

[edit] Quest Design Help


  • Newbie Town
  • Corn field
  • Ghost House
  • Fog Forest
  • Misty Forest


  • Mamut
  • Dinossaur
  • Fox
  • Tiger
  • Huge Fly
  • Aligator
  • Non-Born Dino
  • Tiranossaurus
  • Stone Golem
  • Flying Jelly
  • Gorilla
  • Pig
  • Triceratops
  • Peterodactil
  • Boa
  • Ferocius Pig
  • Yeti
  • Yeti King

[edit] Quest Design Winners

Dear players,

Listed below are the result for the .Quest Design Contest:

1st place player : Hot Winds Desert Maze——by Zercie (Prize : $30 Amazon cards )

2nd place player: *Series* Rima's Quest [training at the beginning]—— by marieiscute (Prize : 40 karma )
[SERIESThe City Above The Skies [UPDATE No. 2]]—— by Ompet.(prze:40 karma

3rd place player:Tribal Dance—— by laceaboy (Prize : 20 karma)
The Legendary Samurai Warrior[1] —— by lisalisak (prize :20 karma)
start sailing[2][3]—— by juandisabee (prize :20 karma)

All of other participator will get obtain 10 karma as reward.

Thank you for your participation, have fun.

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